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Extruder with 1.25" screw

Model 15

1" dia. x 18" long Screw

Output: 10 -15 pounds per hour throughput, 2-horsepower motor.

Model 40

1.25" dia. x 24" long Screw

Output: 25 - 40 pounds per hour throughput, 3-horsepower motor.

Model 100

1.25" dia. x 36" long Screw

 Output: 60 - 100 pounds per hour throughput, 5-horsepower motor.

Videos about The Power of Small


Extrusion & Molding Examples


Our molding machines can molds parts that are smaller than a human hair and can be used to make precision medical, and analytical components.


Our extruders, dies and downstream equipment can produce rigid, semi-rigid and flexible tubing in diameters from  0.100" to 72".


Our molding machines can produce low cost, high quality, stress free solid plastic blocks, rods and shapes which are ideal for machining, prototypes or production parts.


The part in the above photo is injection molded from HDPE. It is 23.5" ID,  34" tall with 1" wall thickness. It weights 60 lbs.

Our molds and molding machines can mold large parts such as car bumpers, furniture or large plumbing fittings up to 60" diameter. 


Our extruders, dies and downstream equipment can produce rigid, semi-rigid and flexible sheet 0.015 to 0.5"thick


This part is injection molded from HDPE.

The size of the part is 0.175" x 14" x 16". Molded using single cavity mold &

single injection gate. 

We injection mold parts that are hard to impossible to mold economically using conventional technologies.


Black 6' long 2"x4" plank was injection molded from 100% HDPE regrind ,

Red - from 100% virgin HDPE

for outside furniture usage.

Our equipment converts 100% waste plastic into useful, finished products including new bottles, housewares, or souvenirs, furniture, boats etc.

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Omachron Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer of Plastic Extrusion, Injection Molding & Recycling Machines, Downstream Equipment, Dies & Molds.

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