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Equipment & Support 

The lowest price is not necessarily the lowest cost!

There is much more to buying equipment than the initial price.  Whether you are starting out in manufacturing, adding capacity, or replacing older equipment, machinery for the extrusion, molding, blow-molding and vacuum-forming of plastics is a significant investment in the future of your company. 


Simply stated Omachron systems are the state of the art equipment designed and built in 21st century for 21st century and beyond.

Omachron systems combine AI and PID loop control of temperature, pressure, thickness, diameter and/or ovality, puller speed, 4 directional cooling and/or multi-zone water bath cooling or both, nip roll spacing, speed, and temperatures, servo and flying servo cut off mechanisms, winder cross arm and winder spool speed control.

When considering our equipment versus others, whether new or used, consider the following: 


1.All equipment requires maintenance.  Moving parts such as screws, motors, etc need periodic repair.  Systems with heavy walled barrels and large screw diameters driven by 20 through 100 hp motors and complex gearboxes will need significant infrastructure in lifting equipment and specialized tools for maintenance.  Large systems tend to have longer down time when there are problems, they also need more warmup time and take longer to stabilize. 

2.When buying new or used equipment, ensure that you understand the infrastructure you will need for maintenance,  and the cost and availability of spare parts in the event of equipment breakdown.  Lead times of several weeks, to even several months are not uncommon.  If the new equipment comes from off shore, it could take months to get large components or the costs of air shipping may be prohibitive.  

3.Consider whether you need dedicated maintenance personnel and the level of training they will need.  Does the supplier offer training for maintenance and are the support documents in English?  Does the supplier offer telephone and/or on site support, and what are the associated costs?  What time zone will the support staff of your equipment supplier be available for telephone/video conference support?  Do they speak English?

4.When buying used equipment, the control systems are often very limited and expensive to upgrade.  Systems which use control-loop PID based feedback control mechanisms, modern interfaces such as USB, and 14 bit A to D converters provide precise control, data availability, and will produce less scrap. 

5.When buying used equipment, the availability and cost of spare parts is key.  Many parts can be made for older machines, but can you afford a few weeks or more of down time if a break down happens.  


6.Remember, maintenance events are a matter of when, not if!

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