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The Power of Small®

Lease or Buy for Less 

Cheaper than maintaining old machines. 

Quick Delivery

In as short as 5 days.

Modular & Scalable

In as short as 5 days.

Small Systems

Get started with 1,000-2,000 ft2.

Fast Setup

Start producing in 1-2 days.

Distributed Local Manufacturing

Cheaper than maintaining old machines. 

Low Power Consumption

220V   -   SMALL install 40A | MEDIUM install  60A | LARGE install 80A

Permits Likely Not Required

No need to obtain permit to upgrade power availability.

Manufacturing in Rural & Remote Areas

Most machines don’t require 3-phase power.

Lightweight & Affordable

Available for lease or purchase.  Doesn’t require heavy equipment.

Quick Tooling

Receive in as soon as 2 weeks after CAD approval.

Customized Solutions

Thin-wall molds save time and enable fast startup. 


Maintenance contract at modest rates.  Short equipment downtime. 


“Plug n’ Play” system enables fast repair & maintenance.

No Heavy Lifting

Lightweight components don’t require cranes or heavy equipment.

Minimal Waste

< 2% waste when changing molds, materials, or colors.  

Fast Changeover

Transition between colors, materials and molds.


Can mold 100% regrind & obtain similar or equal tensile strength to

using virgin material.  | 100% PVC and 100% HDPE regrind tested successfully.

                                        Other resins are being tested.


Small teams = accountability. Little waste even for short runs.


Local teams = Interact directly & efficiently with customers.

Small & Local

Lower transportation costs & related emissions.